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Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox 34.0.5

What's new in Mozilla Firefox 34.0.5

December 2, 2014
# New

* Default search engine changed to Yahoo! for North America
* Default search engine changed to Yandex for Belarusian, Kazakh, and Russian locales
* Improved search bar (en-US only)
* Firefox Hello real-time communication client
* Easily switch themes/personas directly in the Customizing mode
* Wikipedia search now uses HTTPS for secure searching (en-US only)
* Implementation of HTTP/2 (draft14) and ALPN
* Recover from a locked Firefox process in the "Firefox is already running" dialog on Windows

# Changed

* Disabled SSLv3
* Proprietary window.crypto properties/functions re-enabled (to be removed in Firefox 35)
* Firefox signed by Apple OS X version 2 signature


* ECMAScript 6 WeakSet Implemented
* JavaScript Template Strings Implemented
* CSS3 Font variants and features control (e.g. kerning) implemented
* WebCrypto: RSA-OAEP, PBKDF2 and AES-KW support
* WebCrypto: wrapKey and unwrapKey implemented
* WebCrypto: Import/export of JWK-formatted keys
* matches() DOM API implemented (formerly mozMatchesSelector())
* for workers implemented
* WebCrypto: ECDH support

# Developer

* WebIDE: Create, edit, and test a new Web application from your browser
* Highlight all nodes that match a given selector in the Style Editor and the Inspector's Rules panel
* Improved User Interface of the Profiler
* console.table function added to web console

# Fixed

* CSS transitions start correctly when started at the same time as changes to display, position, overflow, and similar properties
* Various security fixes